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Mission. ​In & Out.

Matt. 10.8 (NIV)   Freely you have received; freely give.

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In a society focused on self, IN-REACH is a popular church component. People want to know what you have to offer them.  This is okay; however, it should not be the entire focus of church. Hallel teaches balance. For us, IN-REACH is discipleship-driven, whether one on one, or classes for men, women and teens. Check for available ministries. But remember, this is not a ME church but a WE church.

Give. Receive.

Labor Day 2015 Outreach

Random Acts in the Valley

Dependence Day Church Picnic @ Balboa Park

1st Church Anniversary

Church Outside the Walls

Thanksgiving Outreach

Day of Giving

Church Prayer Challenge

Church Outside the Walls at One Generation Senior Center

Thanks & Giving Outreach

Bassett St. Gift Giving

Bassett St. Beautification

Outside Garden



In a community of lack, we are called to walk with people and meet their need. We are service oriented. So before we get consumed with meeting our needs as church members, we'll be stepping out to interact with others through OUT-REACH.  Whether supporting organizations, sponsoring quarterly projects or taking the church outside the walls on Sunday, we have a lot to accomplish. This is a WE church.

2nd BackPack Outreach to Bassett Street Elementary

Trillion Marriages Date Night @ Cheesecake Factory

1st BackPack Outreach to Bassett Street Elementary

Happy Birthday Jesus

Family Church Service

#girlsonamission Upcoming

A Date With God 2016

#girlsonamission Coaching

A Date With God Breakfast 2015

New Year's Eve Service

"Take the Lid Off!"

A Date With God

July 21-24, 2016

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