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It Won't Be Like This For Long

I am a big country music fan! One of my favorite groups is Rascal Flatts. I was introduced to them while doing a show in NYC. Another artist that I am into is Darius Rucker. From his R & B to his country albums, I really dig this cat’s vibe. He has a song called It Won’t Be Like This For Long (IWBLTFL), and I sing it to my daughter every night. If I’m not home in time for bedtime, which is rare, she will try to stay awake until daddy gets home to sing her song to her. Mommy makes a valiant attempt, at times, to sing in my stead, but this is met by, “I want daddy to do it”. My wife, Pastor Theresa, is a trooper, man. She doesn’t take it personally or get upset. And when I finally make it home she says, “Your daughter is waiting for you”.

About a year ago some friends of ours had a daughter. While I’m holding her, after our official introduction, she begins to cry. Automatically I start to sing (IWBLTFL). My daughter, who is playing in another room with their son, suddenly appears at my side. The look on her 3 year-old face, is one of confusion, outrage and denial. She says, “Daddy, that’s MY song!” Which meant, had she the words, “I can appreciate your concern, father, in comforting the baby. That notwithstanding, I KNOW you ain’t singing MY song to HER! She just got here”!

Interestingly enough, this song (IWBLTFL) is about a father and his daughter. From the day the Lord gives her to him, to the day that he gives her away. He realizes that everything he is experiencing with his baby girl is not permanent. It will all change. From the newborn, sleepless nights to the nights she must sleep in mommy’s bed on daddy’s chest (that's what our daughter does from time to time); from her toddler tantrums to her teenage tantrums to her wedding day.

As I sing this song to my daughter every night, I realize that the Lord is saying the same thing to us, as His children, about our situations. Be we daughters or sons, these momentary and light afflictions are working for our good. Therefore, we must be content in any situation in which we find ourselves. (2 Corinthians 4:17) Because whatever we are going through will pass. Be it bad relationships, money problems, illness or failed dreams, God is working it all out for our good. So in addition to the tears, on occasion, when I sing my daughter’s song there is also hope. And that hope says, It Won’t Be Like This For Long.

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