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Building Godly Community

#TEAMHALLEL is maximizing the work we began in 2015. We will continue to Love, Pray, Worship, Give and Serve, but in 2016 we will also encourage people to discover their godly circle, through the steps of Coaching, Mentoring, Disciplehship and Pastoring. Let's go deeper in our walk with the Lord.

To build means to construct something that is typically large by putting parts together over a period of time (New Oxford American Dictionary). So we must recognize that we're NOT on a mission to present half-baked Christians lacking true maturity. We're not concerned about the time, but the quality of work put into the construction.


For some on the outskirts of our church community, we'll begin with Coaching to show them who we are as a church Body and what we believe.

For those new to their relationship with the Lord, we'll offer Mentoring for these new comers to learn who they are in Christ.

For those in #TEAMHALLEL that are ready to go deeper, we'll begin Discipling to train aind grow leaders and solid believers.

Finally, for all of those committed to the Hallel Chapel family, Pastoring will fulfill the spiritual covering model offered in the Word of God. The Lord has given Ministry gifts to people to ensure their lives are spiritually anchored and fulfill the purpose he intended.

As the Lowes commercials say, "Let's Build Something Together!" Please don't be aimless on your journey trying to survive on spiritual crumbs. Hallel Chapel pastors are under spiritual authority of their pastors Bishop Gideon and Pastor Yvonne Thompson of Jubilee Boston. They also have many mentors and have submitted to discipleship programs to grow as believers.

Stay tuned! 2016 will bring great maturity if we do the building in a godly circle and community!

Isaiah 58:8(NLT) New Living Translation

Then your salvation will come like the dawn, and your wounds will quickly heal. Your godliness will lead you forward, and the glory of the Lord will protect you from behind.


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